AMG Synch is an international full service music licensing company and publisher specializing in the placement of songs in Advertising, Film, TV, Trailers and Video Games. We represent a wide variety of high profile artists in all genres. AMG Synch specializes in personalized service, both to the licensing community and to the artists, labels and publishers we represent. It is our mission to ease the creative detective work of the music supervisor by providing them with the earliest inside track on the hottest upcoming releases from the most interesting emerging and established artists from around the globe.

We are in close contact with each music supervisor/creative contact and cover the majority of the projects out there by personally dealing directly with the people on the front lines choosing music.

Our creative teams search and create customized folders of selections for each specific project according to its unique creative and budget parameters. AMG Synch has amazing, well-established relationships directly with the labels, publishers, managers (and the artists themselves), making the clearing process on our whole roster quick and effortless – a must in today’s marketplace.

AMG Synch also has a growing music publishing arm 50% owned by BMG Rights Management ( specializing in creating unique opportunities for our artists and clients to write for ads, films, television, and more, administered worldwide by AMG Synch

If you have a specific requirement for the utilization of music in your visual project please fill out the AMG Synchronization Request form here.