AMG Creative delivers visual and audio media campaign to new Canadian underwear brand
Inner Balance Wear was created with one thing in mind; to make everyone that wears its underwear feel good about themselves, to always have a positive frame of mind, and more importantly, to be proud of who you are.


Inner Balance Wear commercial

Inner Balance Wear Yoga


About AMG Creative:

What does AMG Creative do? How are we different from other advertising agencies in Toronto? It’s simple. We connect brands to customers. And we do it in a totally integrated, results-oriented manner. Nothing is left to chance.

Our story:

Mark S. Berry, AMG founder, launched AMG Creative in 2016 to be a different kind of ad agency. One that focused on their clients’ business goals, not just winning awards. One where people worked as collaborative teams, not competitive tribes. More than a traditional agency or a digital agency, it was designed to be a holistic agency, delivering integrated solutions that connect customers to products, services and ideas.

Our culture:

AMG Creative is an ego-free zone that fosters creativity in every department. The rules are simple: work hard, play hard, flame up, but never flame out.

Our process:

Strategy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. At AMG Creative every brand strategy begins with a deep drive into your business, your brand and your customer’s psyche.

Our brands:

AMG Creative wants to be your branding agency. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm.

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