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“The Pitch” takes a look at the world of international street performing buskers to find out why these men and women have chosen to “pass the hat” to make a living, along with the challenges they face.

COMING FALL 2017 through SMG/SONY Entertainment

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AMG Visuals produces feature length films and documentaries for TV, theatres and broadcast and has been involved in co- productions with North American producers & broadcasters. It also produces in-house for AMG as well as for our music promotion & marketing division Deevel clients at AMG Label Services.

AMG’s catalogue of audio-visuals product spans not only Music, but Comedy, Film, Animation and Special Interest titles. To date we have a catalogue of over 30 titles and AMG actively seeks out new licensing and acquisition products and partners.

You can view the latest AMG Visuals TV Broadcast Rights’ catalogue by: (clicking here)

As part of AMG, we have access to some of the best audio suites and post-production facilities in Canada. AMG is one of the world’s largest independent owner of music IP, with a catalogue of over 100,000 titles. Together they allow us to offer unique joint venture opportunities across all genres.

Please take a look at some of our work:

AMG Film & TV:

1) New Series and DVD Proposals

On average, we receive more than 100 proposals for new series and DVD content ideas each year. In short, we receive a lot of proposals and only proceed with a very small number of them. Familiarizing yourself with AMG and the kind of programming we are interested in is therefore the first step to creating a solid proposal. You can find descriptors of all television shows & DVD content on this website.

New proposals for Canadian programs are accepted year-round. All new independent production proposals are logged upon receipt. When reviewing proposals we look for top quality, dynamic projects that will be a hit with our audience. If your proposal is not right for us at this time, you will be notified in a timely manner. If your proposal is accepted for further consideration, we may ask you to submit additional creative and financial information.

Selected projects commissioned by AMG Visuals will go through a series of development phases. Terms of development are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Our rights expectations and license fees are also negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

A solid proposal must demonstrate:

A strong understanding of your audience and schedule; A strong overall fit with network programming needs; Originality in subject or treatment;

Clarity of approach and focus; Creativity and imagination;

Top-quality writing, research and presentation;

Credentials of production personnel including a proven track record with professional and creative broadcast series production; and

A thorough budget and financing scenario.

Please submit the following with your proposal:

Summary of show concept, series focus and treatment;

Outline of its relevance and appeal to AMG’s core audience; Show format and sample rundown (if applicable);

List of key creative personnel and complete resumes; Corporate profile with credits;

Video samples of your past work and, if applicable, of proposed host; and

Signed release form (PDF form from this site found below).

Please note that proposals will not be read unless a signed release form accompanies them and are submitted in a standard professional manner.

Please feel free to submit a brief overview (one to three pages) of your project along with full resumes of the key creative personnel when you first approach AMG to assess our level of interest in your concept.

Please submit proposals for original programming to: AMG

Original Programming
141 Spadina Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M5V 2K8
Tel: (416) 340-9111

AMG Film & TV:

AMG Visuals is seeking quality films and animations for worldwide commercial distribution to our network of television, airline, home entertainment and new media outlets, including our own AMG website. We accept live-action and animation submissions with running times from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Traditional film and animation. Please send your submission on a DVD to the following address. Make sure to include a completed copy of our Submission Form.

Attn: Content Coordination Department
141 Spadina Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M5V 2K8
Tel: (416) 340-9111

Digital entertainment (Flash animation, etc)

Please send an e-mail with your name, contact information, and a link to your submission to Alternately, you can send a DVD containing your submission to the address listed above.

Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to respond personally to each filmmaker. If you do not receive a response from us within 90 days of your submission, it means that we have chosen not to distribute your film. Please note that we are unable to return tapes or digital media. Note: If you submit a film or animation electronically, you must still complete and send or fax a signed Submission Form.

Currently we are seeking the following content for specific distribution deals:

G/PG – 13 Animation, 30 minutes and under
G/PG – 13 Comedy, action and suspense, 90 minutes and under
G/PG – 13 Star Power, 90 minutes and under
PG/R – Thriller, comedy, action, 90 minutes and under
Extreme Sports, 1 Hour and under

We are always eager to hear your comments and questions regarding AMG Visuals and what we can do to serve the independent film community better. Please use the contact form on this site to send your feedback to our appropriate business group.

AMG Visuals understands the importance of rights clearance for filmmakers and hopes you will find the Film Clearance information helpful. Thanks for considering AMG visuals. We look forward to seeing your work!

Submission Film Form

You can view the latest AMG Visuals TV Broadcast Rights’ catalogue by: (clicking here)

AMG Visuals
Attn: Film Submissions
141 Spadina Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M5V 2K8

Tel: (416) 340-9111

Upcoming Live Action/Animation Children’s Project: Zephyr’s Pond – In Production

ZEPHYR’S POND is a tale about Zephyr, a special dragonfly, and her musical friends of the pond. It is also a story of love between Zephyr and Zeek, a guitar-playing dragonfly from the wrong side of the pond. Each evening, just as the sun goes down, the creatures of the pond gather by the waters edge and the music begins with Zephyr conducting a glorious symphony. But Izzy, a blue heron, does not join the other members of the orchestra because he has fallen under the influence of Baracus, an evil eel. The next morning, Izzy invites Zephyr to take a ride with him and fly together, something Zephyr loves to do. Some unexpected bad weather kicks up a sudden gust of wind blows Zephyr away from Izzy. She loses her bearings and becomes lost. When Izzy flies back to the pond for help, Baracus delays him. Izzy soon realizes that Baracus has absolutely no intention of helping him find his lost friend. He then turns to the other members of the orchestra for help. The weather worsens and prevents them from searching for Zephyr. Desperate to bring the beloved Zephyr back home to their pond community, the friends develop a clever idea. What will they do? Will their plan work? The adventure begins!!!