Usernames and passwords to social media websites.
Facebook (fan page admin access)

Original and clean audio content in high quality WAV format.
AIFF accepted, MP3 320 kbps bitrate
Master must have ISRC code embedded for distribution.



NO label logos on cover
NO track list on cover
We do not require inside-booklet pictures, but please send if you do have
Distribution Cover Art!!!
1. 1200×1200
2. 300DPI
3. Photoshop Format
4. No Logos
5. No Social Media or Websites

• NO webcam photos
• NO nudity


• VEVO doesn’t accept video uploads from independent artists anymore. They may be upload through the website VYDIA for 20$ (includes unlimited releases for a year)
• Do not include any text on the video or photo (example: Presenting, Directed by, any lower thirds, etc.). Videos with text may be rejected by VEVO and will delay the process of getting your channel live.
• The video should be 1280×720 or 1920×1080, and the photo should be at least 800×800 pixels in a high-resolution jpeg.

• Television Broadcasts Must Have Closed Captioning Data: With few exceptions, all video content that will be aired on television must have EIA 608/708 closed captioning for the hearing impaired as mandated by the FCC. This includes both HD and SD TV shows, films, commercials, live news broadcasts, and Video on Demand (VOD) libraries. Failure to comply with captioning regulates may result in fines, penalties, and/or rejection of your show by a broadcast facility.

• Web Accessibility Also Requires Closed Captioning: In addition to TV closed captioning, virtually all federal agencies and most educational institutions must also add closed captioning to their Web-Based audio and video. New Internet technology now allows users to add closed captioning to Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime Podcast, and Real Player.
Much Music Specs
Video Bit Rate 50mbit/s Recommended (30-70 Accepted) Mb
Video Width 720
Video Height 486
Video Aspect Ratio 4:3
Video Frame Rate 29.97 Recommended
Scan Order Type 29.97 Recommended

Recent biography to be edited:
• List all previous successes including dates and venues.
• List all artistic accomplishments.
• We will decide on relevancy.

50 copies of physical product only if needed or requested

• ONLY if you already have printed product. Do not make for us.
Metadata Info:
• You will be emailed a form to fill out for each song. Please do this as soon as possible. Below is a listing of each required field of metadata. Must be filled out in full.
1. Download file name
2. Track Title
3. Composer
4. Artist
5. Label
6. Publisher
7. Genre
9. Release Year
10. Album Title
11. Track Number
12. Sub-Genre
13. Sub Sub-Genre
14. Duration
15. Lyrics
16. Pricing Tier
17. Supplier
18. Mood
19 Vocals/instrumental
NOTE: All content must be submitted to distributors 2-3 weeks before release.

Sample Artist Release Timeline


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