Sometimes it may feel that the music industry is too big, overwhelming, and at times -‐ down right impossible. This is where AMG DEEVEL Label Services can really help you!

We pride ourselves on knowing the movers and shakers internationally and what to do and not to do. Essentially, our years of being around it all, have allowed us to see the many pitfalls that independent artists and labels encounter everyday

What do we do for you?

For a nominal consulting fee, we can aid and assist you in a monthly or weekly conference call where all the major happenings and events can be discussed and strategies formed. This includes hooking you up with individuals who put major label deals together, garner CMJ radio airplay and insert your music into films and videogames.

The music industry is a tough place to make it, so let AMG DEEVEL Label Services shed some light on the subject and offer you solutions that most times are overlooked. AMG DEEVEL Label Services’ main concern is development, and that cannot happen without a firm game plan.

Let AMG DEEVEL Label Services assist you in the game known as the music industry!