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Mark Berry is currently accepting applications online for his Producer/Engineer internship program.

Producer/Engineer internship program

We are excited to announce the Producer/Engineer intern program created by producer/mixer Mark S. Berry!!

So you want to be a producer/engineer but, as you have no doubt already found out, the first thing potential clients/employers want to see is your engineering and mixing credits. Even if you are fresh out of one of those technical schools, you know how hard it is to find a job without the proper experience. Mark Berry’s Producer/engineer intern program has been designed with this in mind to help you get the experience you need to land you your dream job.

By the time you complete the program you will have:

  • Spent a full week with Mark Berry in the studio!
  • Learned the tips and tricks in the studio from one of the most successful independent producers around with over 40 years of experience!
  • Your name, along with Mark Berry’s, as the mixing/engineering credits on a CD for international release!

The tuition for the Intern Program includes:

Studio time for recording/mixing

Having Mark Berry as your mentor for a week 

Also see the inner workings of Mark’s records & film company, AMG.

After your Intern application is submitted online, a representative will contact you with further information regarding the program such as booking availability and pricing.
Mark Berry reviews every application and, if your application is accepted, will contact you personally at the email address provided.

Be sure to apply now as slots are filled months in advance!

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**This information is used to assertain which candidates would gain most from the program

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your information to be reviewed. If after the 4-6 week time frame you have not received a response, please contact our team at: info (at) theamgcorp (dot) com immediately for assistance. Thank you!


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Toronto, ON M5V 2K8 Canada
T: +1-416-340-9111
SKYPE: sonicgroup


January 9th, 2016

Hailing from Trinidad, I came back to Canada late last year to get my foot in the door with one of those music-engineering schools. Costing was a huge factor and then I met Mark through a family friend and he offered to let me sit in on one of his sessions for an upcoming artist he was producing. Wow, what an experience. Not only was the costing reasonable but I got a letter of recommendation as well.

After that first session with Mark I was hooked. His ability and control of the session, and having everybody laugh and have fun in the process was not only amazing but essential. He knows exactly what must be accomplished each and everyday to stay on time and on budget. Something that is not taught at Harris or Trebas.

After I registered, Mark had me get behind the desk and without much knowledge of the record making process he helped me through it with patience and understanding. The beauty of Mark’s program is that I am in the studio 24/7 with him and a live band and not in the classroom listening to a teacher trying to explain to me how to make a record on a blackboard. The studio environment rocks.
I highly recommend Mark’s Internship Program. It was a blast !!!


July 19th, 2016

After searching out numerous schools that worked exclusively in the audio engineering area the expense was simply too much for me to bear. Some schools were charging upwards of $20,000 to teach me how to make a record.

A search on the web revealed Mark’s Internship Program that allowed me to immediately get behind the wheel of a major production with a Platinum award winning producer/engineer and actually walk out with a credit for my work, at a fraction of the cost. As we all know in the music business your credits are your currency.

The expense was small and the return was great considering I received full engineering credit as Mark threw me into the hot seat time after time, immediately gaining knowledge and experience along the way, following his leads and guidance. All I really had to do was watch and listen.

I also realized that the record making process involves more than twisting knobs and positioning microphones and got an in-depth look as to how performances and sounds are extracted from the artist. All in all an outstanding experience from song selection to final production including the psychology of the studio, something the techie schools DO NOT teach.