An entrepreneur’s view of the NEW music business
TARGET AUDIENCE: University & College New Media Students



AMG started in 1996 in a small one-room apartment in Toronto, Canada as an independent record label. It is now one of the rising stars in supplying across- the-board entertainment content in music, film & television sectors around the world. At the helm is Mark S. Berry, an engineer/producer with 36 Gold and Platinum records to his credit as a producer, engineer & mixer. Mark shares his music and career related experiences in an effort to help others explore their creative interests, and to inspire them to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals in the path of life that they choose. Mark truly has an inside view of the entertainment business from the majors to the independents as he deals with all of them in music, film and television on a daily basis.


As an entrepreneur, he has guided his own career from humble beginnings in Brooklyn NY, onto London England, where he apprenticed under Sir George Martin (The Beatles) as an assistant engineer. Ten years at Vanguard Records taught him the inside ropes of the record business and learning the most from each of his experiences, making choices that have allowed him to pursue his dreams and achieve his goals. Mark has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business from David Bowie & Paul McCartney to Burton Cummings & Duran Duran.

Mark Berry is a success story, both professionally and personally. As he continues to propel his career forward through AMG, he has developed strategies that keep him on a path of continued success while maintaining his creative artistic integrity and delivering quality content to the world’s largest media buyers

Always opinionated and controversial, Mark is able to stay on course, recognize and capitalize on existing opportunities, constantly creating new opportunities for his artists and clients, serve with a social conscience, and market his career in a focused and proactive fashion. In this interactive seminar, he teaches students how to apply these same principals to their own endeavors, enabling them to pursue a successful musical career, with great entrepreneurial flair, while also being a successful creative artist and human being in the NEW music and film business. Most people enter into the music business on the path to achieving their dreams and goals. This seminar intertwines the pursuit of dreams, achievement of goals, and the integration of arts into today’s NEW music business and social environment.

FORMAT & PRICES: (Inclusive of transportation and hotel)

1 hour lecture
1 hour interactive discussion with Q&A
Pricing upon request


100 students or less


An inside look at the new creative A&R process within the music business… i.e. song construction, recording, mixing, production & performance…

TARGET AUDIENCE: Artists, Musicians, up and coming Engineers & Producers


It all starts with the song and in order to succeed in this business an individual or artist must understand how the entire A&R/production process operates within today’s NEW entertainment industry. At the forefront of this new industry is Mark S. Berry, an engineer/producer with 36 Gold and Platinum records to his credit.

The workshop is based on a single song demo submitted by students and selected by Mark prior to the start of the workshop. Mark then guides the songwriters through the A&R process, pre-production, recording techniques, full scale production and then some of Mark’s mixing techniques that have graced the airwaves for over two decades. Berry’s desire to share his many recording and production experiences is his way to “give something back” and “raise the bar of excellence.” He also thinks that engineering and production based students should really know what goes into the making of a song and that structure of not only the song but production along with sonics are equally important. “The most important thing is to make a connection emotionally, lyrically, rhythmically in that first 30 seconds,” he says. “You have to connect with the audience right away, and if you don’t, you’ve lost them.”

Watching Berry work and listening to his philosophy about recording and producing is in itself an educational experience. Most impressive is his absolute control over the entire recording and production process: he knows during pre-production what he wants a song to sound like in its final form, and he takes the necessary steps during the recording and mixing processes to make that concept a reality. He controls the process, rather than letting the process control him. And because he has so much experience and such a strong understanding of vintage and current technology, he’s often able to ignore the conventional wisdom and still end up with a superior product. “Be dedicated and passionate. And above all, be prepared to take a lot of hard knocks! It’s a lot about attitude and anticipating what the producer and the engineer want ahead of time,” says Berry. “You’ve got to be two beats ahead.”

Mark Berry is one of the most innovative music and film entrepreneurs around. The facts speak for themselves; he is a master of today’s high tech equipment with vivid stereo and vocal images strong bass and hard direct rhythms.

With an eclectic variety of indispensable skills, Mark is one of only a handful of engineer/producers who can truly take a project from concept to completion and expertly handle all of the steps along the way. His experience and artistry have combined not only to create top chart hits all over the world, but first and foremost to create state-of-the-art MODERN MUSIC.

FORMAT & PRICES: (Inclusive of transportation and hotel)

1 hour lecture with Q&A
3 hour workshop with student participation and Q&A
Pricing upon request


1 hour lecture: 100 students or less
3 hour workshop: 25 students or less