Commercial Radio Servicing/Canada & USA or UK Radio

Through (Digital Music Servicing), your music will be distributed to select radio stations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.Commercial radio can help to reach new fans beyond the use of other,word-of-mouth methods. And through our in house database with over 3000 Domestic and International stations.

College/University Radio Servicing/Canada & US

As opposed to DMDS, hard copies of your album/single can be distributed to select college radio stations across the country if you do in fact have any manufactured product… College radio servicing targets a younger generation of people that are more inclined to accept new music. College radio can increase your popularity within smaller communities; ultimately increasing chances of getting your tracks played on commercial radio stations, which targeting a larger market base and mentor college radio.

Radio  World Wide Servicing

RadioWorldWide is THE service delivering new music – your music – to the world. With more than 127,000 member radio stations, music reviewers and club DJs looking for the newest releases in our digital stacks, we offer a one-of- akind service for both independent artists and labels to promote their music to audiences in more than 60 countries across 6 continents.

RadioWorldWide is an innovative type of service, using established relationships and custom technology, to promote and market music to radio & media worldwide. Our service cuts the time musicians spend on promotion by providing a central location for radio stations and music writers to screen & select new music.

RadioWorldWide uses the Internet, email, and other technology to reach a vast number of music industry professionals in order to assist artists with the promotion and marketing of their work.

Music Video Servicing & Major Servicing

The right marketing and branding is supposed to be the car that drives you to the next level and that is what will happen with good content. At this point your brand is solid and growing continuously. We will now set up a music video submission campaign to get your newest video submitted directly in the hands of all the television networks.

The reason why we start submitting you now for broadcasting and placement is because the networks closely monitor who gets aired on there channel and we want to make sure your brand is ready and makes them look good. We want to increase your chances to get played more and more on all music networks.

Some of the networks we get your music videos serviced MTV, MUCH MUSIC, BET, FUSE, VOX, ZOOM, NEO-TRAFFIC…

International Video Servicing

Deevel will submit your music video(s) through a multitude of music video outlets (e.g. BET, Much Music, MTV, VH1, etc.). Our servicing is laborious, as most music outlets have strict and extensive rules about submissions, and Deevel handles all monotonous procedures. Furthermore, videos can be services to numerous retail stores across North America, such as American Eagle Outfitters, Steve Madden, Sears, Harley Davidson, Hot Topic, and many others (outside servicing cost)


Music Licensing Film, Television, Video Games & Advertising Agencies

Through contact with music supervisors and producers from the film, television, and video game industry, your music could conceivably be placed in a major motion picture, television show, documentary or independent film. Of course, insertions are conditional upon whether your music matches and compliments what they are looking for in a specific film, television program or video game. Our servicing is thorough and built on many years of networking and relationships that have garnered many insertions and placements over the years. Our music has been licensed in featured films such as Coach Carter, Poolhall Junkies, The Matrix Reloaded, Urban Legend, and television spots in Dawson’s Creek and Roswell, American Most Wanted, and a multitude of MTV and ESPN insertions

BDS Live Venue Soundscan Reporting

All record and music publishing companies monitor Nielsen SoundScan for retail sales and BDS for airplay, which reports and tracks the sales of your CD’s. Deevel will submit your album and/or radio single to Nielsen SoundScan for tracking. With proper documentation, BDS will subsequently track the amount of CDs that have been sold at live venues and can begin to monitor the progress of your live sales and air-play, outside of physical and online retail (outside cost).

Online  Distribution Servicing

Online servicing refers to the selling and distribution of your music through a multitude of different online distribution websites, iTunes and Amazon. Other, smaller sales and steaming distribution outlets are MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, VerveLife and Google Music. These companies work on a charge-per-track basis, or as part of a wider-scoped monthly subscription. AMG currently has a long-term distribution deal in place with a division of Universal, which artists may take advantage of for a nominal administration fee. Or alternatively, you may utilize our distribution deals either through Believe Digital (Europe) or The Orchard (International) at no extra cost.


International servicing of EPK to 3000 weblogs

Bio and EPK Services

Bio and EPK Services Our Staff will be happy to help & coordinate your EPK, which can be combined with other offers. Listing

As an expansion on our music licensing service, AttackTrax is a new music supervision website that allows your songs to be reviewed instantly by music supervisors worldwide. AttackTrax is responsible for hundreds of insertions into feature length films, short films, documentaries, television/cable programs, extreme sports videos, exercise videos and many more that require music behind a client’s visual content. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry come to Attack / Deevel clients including ESPN, MTV, Sony, Tristar, Disney, FOX, Warner Brothers, WB, Alliance Atlantis, and many more. There is a one time administrative fee of $199 for 100 songs. This fee covers the meta-data information and uploading of the songs.

Other Services Offered

AMG Label Services offers many other services either in-house or through referral to you get where you need to be.

Production (CEO Mark S. Berry has 36 gold & platinum albums to his credit as a Producer, Engineer & Mixer)
Radio Mix Play
Re Mixing
Video Production

These services are priced according to the project. Contact us to get your quote. Of course, we are always willing to help expand, so if you require something specific, do not hesitate to ask and we will do what we can.