AMG-VrTuo Interactive Productions, LLC is a product of a 2017 merger between AMG Global and U.S. based smart television producer VrTuo Interactive Studios, LLC. The company now provides concept to fulfillment product support and production services on behalf of its independently owned channel partners and corporate clients.

VrTuo Interactive Studios is a pioneer in Smart television production and network hosting having an interactive programming emphasis as the difference maker between AMG-VrTuo Interactive. This is what separates AMG-VrTuo Interactive from all other smart programming producers around the world.

The merger of VrTuo Interactive Studios’s assets into AMG group of Companies provided AMG Global and VrTuo Interactive the perfect senario in hosting an advanced turnkey customized platform. The Smart television networks are featuring aggregated and original programming materials from some of today’s most gifted producers in media creation and production.

The new AMG-VrTuo Interactive also supports the Company’s white label client preventive health and wellness networks. These networks are providing to corporate partners worldwide full featured control of content messaging and media reward programs.