We boost your Twitter and overall balance and make sure each tweet you post receives (retweets & Favorites)
We boost your fan page likes
We will make sure each youtube/VEVO video we work on for you receives
real traffic followed by comments from real users daily, video likes, favorites, and more.

The Foundation

Now that we have developed your branding and identified your goals we are ready for the next step in building your massive following. The balance of your social media is vital and that is what we continue to do always throughout each campaign. We will now start targeting real people directly in your niche. We have technologies we have built that have been tested and used by most major labels that will help us narrow down your exact fan base. We target them and make them pay attention to you and your new project and content.

Official VEVO Releases

We can help to acquire your official VEVO channel and set up releases through VEVO.com & youtube.com like all major artists. This will help brand you and separate you from the general public. We can assist in setting up your new releases on VEVO and drive traffic to all your videos.

Become an official VEVO artist
Earn almost double the money that youtube pays out
Setup official releases and premieres with VEVO
Brand your name by releasing your content on VEVO.com

We have done lyric videos for many our media clients. The record labels are releasing lyric videos before the official music videos to SAVE MONEY! This is how they know if it will be worth it to even shoot the music video. If the lyric video gets the response they are looking for then they continue branding it, but if not they usually move on.

We will provide you with a top notch lyric video and promote it on VEVO.COM. We will test the waters and let you know the response and if it is worth it for you to spend money on official videos. In this phase you are better off staying in the lyric video world until your brand is more developed.

Building Your Fan Base

By this phase you will be seeing real results and attention on all fronts. This is where we help you capitalize on your content as much as possible. We will be running targeted traffic campaigns on all social media platforms driving hundreds of targeted people to your content daily. We consult you throughout this process to make sure that you can get the best results possible. At this time we will also be submitting your music to blogs that receive high traffic each day. We will be getting you published on blogs with great traffic which will also contribute to more brand awareness and promotion. Each day you will be receiving more and more organic traffic and it is important that you engage with your fans and listeners. We guide you on the best practices to get them hooked!


Your Website Will Include The Following

Website development & Branding

Now you are ready for the ultimate branding. Your home base. Your website!
At this point you are growing at rapid rates and will have more opportunities through the following you are growing daily.

This is when it is vital to complete your branding by developing your website.
Not just any website but a website that will convert into more fans, listeners and open more doors for you.

Your website needs to deliver on elements that your fans (or soon to be fans) are expecting. They want to hear you, they want to see you, and they want to interact with you. The most important component of running a website for your brand is to engage your audience constantly.

Your audience is not stationary. They are not sitting at a desk looking you up from the office. They are mobile, and your website will be to. 100% focus on mobile responsiveness to welcome visitors into an elegant user experience and a memorable brand experience.

We’ll take care of everything — from domain registrations and hosting, to design, development, analytic reporting, and backups. And we’re a Google Apps partner so we have your collaboration and email tools covered.

SEO & Video SEO

SEO. This is the record labels/artists biggest secret. The key to guaranteed success when it comes to building a brand. Imagine if someone were to go to google.com and type in “New Music” and you were to pop up in the top 5 searches. It would change everything for you and the rate of growth would be quadrupled.

This is what we will be starting for you once your brand is ready. There all millions of people searching for new music and artists on a daily basis we just need to put you in front of them.

Search Engine Optimization is not a set it and forget it tactic. It requires consistent animation to stay relevant. This means content. Blog posts, news releases, new tracks, new video, new photoshoots, always.
Everything will be properly marked up for search engines and submitted for indexing the moment it gets published.

We also rank your music videos on the front page of YouTube and Google so people can find you on the first page results which will help pour in the organic traffic.
This is also the final stage where we will just run monthly campaigns to maintain your brand and continue to let it grow.