Youtube Channel Partnership with Xtech Music Network

We are offering a no “lock-in” contract for all music Youtube channels that wish to join Xetch Youtube Network! Why would you want to join a Youtube network? Simple! You will earn a higher CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Views) rate v.s. the standard Google Ad Sense CPM of $1 per 1,000. We will also give access to your music to our 200k plus content creator partners that upload videos on a daily/weekly basis. Every up and coming artist needs all the extra revenue they can get, we will cover Youtube for you!

Youtube Content ID

“Protect your music on Youtube with our new “Content ID” service. Content ID’ing your music should be first priority before uploading your new song to Youtube! This service will allow you to finger print your audio and collect your royalties on a monthly basis from views garnered on Youtube. We will scan Youtube to find any audio matches to your song and collect revenue based up on that copyrights performance! Never worry again about your music being used unfairly on Youtube”