AMG Brand Relations

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Bridging the gap between brands and the music world:

The focus of our business is in helping brands, broadcasters, event organizers and their agencies (PR, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Sponsorship and Media) to effortlessly use music related properties as a communication device.

We develop communication strategies to deliver outstanding musical opportunities and solutions to our clients and their target market, based on the strength that music is a universal language, reaching and creating emotion with any target market and demographic.

In December 2015, Brand Relations became part of the AMG family. So while keeping our independence, we now have AMG’s support and resources to draw on, whilst being able to work with all the other international labels, artists, publishers, producers etc.


While some campaigns may just require background mood setting music, many brands have shown how more proactive use of music can reach their target audience more potently and more emotively.

We can devise and deliver music that provides not only a sound bed that effectively hits a clients demographic message, but that also acts as a marketing device, bringing music industry partners and their contributed marketing efforts, brand ambassadorial opportunities cross promotional activities etc.

Music plays a vital role with recall of a brand. The sonic identity of a brand should be a true reflection of its brand values. We are able to utilize our extensive experience to look at the ‘bigger picture’ and truly integrate advertising campaigns into the other elements of the marketing mix.

Corporate A&R

A&R (Artists and Repertoire) involves finding the artists and producers, selecting repertoire and managing the process of developing, creating and recording music.

We help brands and their agencies by fulfilling the A&R role – Selecting the appropriate teams and correct music to fit the brand values associated with a corporate business’ identity. The music (sonic logo) is after all, an identity, which has as much importance as the visual logo of a brand.


Music generates massive multimedia coverage (column inches). Radio and TV can’t function without it. Any brand or organization, however big or small can utilize music and the media coverage generated from it to its advantage by linking itself with a music related property (whether it be an artiste, music event etc.)

Sales Promotion / music rewards

Since music grabs attention and emotion across all demographics, it can be used as an effective incentive or reward (regardless whether in a B2B or B2C environment)

We are able to deliver a multitude of bespoke solutions for reward based products: From a Gift With Purchase (GWP), through to customer loyalty rewards or call to action, music can provide intelligent solutions for brands through a variety of mediums including:

• CD’s
• Downloads
• Ring tones
• Concert tickets
• Artist meet & greets
• Merchandise
• Special events


There is nothing like music that brings an event to life. Whether it is a major international sports event, corporate or charity event, we have a proven track record in devising and implementing the most effective music strategy, be it an official anthem, official album, event ambassador or sonic logo. Our expertise enables us to advise, devise and deliver whilst integrating official sponsors and partners’ into the musical activities surrounding an event.


The sonic/audio identity of radio, television or internet broadcast programs and promos can be key to their success. In addition to having the skills and successes in developing and delivering the right music to brief, we are able to further utilize music as a marketing device by bringing in music industry partners.


As part of our A&R service, we are able to provide thorough panel based testing for music, to ensure that the music works and is accepted by the target demographic or audience (in the same way as product testing or advertising research works).