New Artist Checklist

Welcome aboard! Before we get started repping your product we will need some information from you. Please provide the following:

1. Usernames and passwords to social media websites. IE:

  • Facebook (fan page admin access)

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • All additional social media pages.

2. Original and “clean” audio content in high quality WAV format.

  • AIFF accepted, MP3 320 kbps bitrate

  • Master must have ISRC code embedded for distribution.

  • Original and clean lyrics for accompanying music, typed.

3. Album art

  • At minimum,1600×1600, 300dpi

  • NO label logos on cover

  • NO track list on cover

**We do not require inside-booklet pictures, but please send if you do have**

4. Distribution Cover Art

  • 1200×1200

  • 300DPI

  • Photoshop Format

  • No Logos

  • No Social Media or Websites

5. High quality promotional photos

  • NO webcam photos

  • NO nudity

6. Much Music Specs

  • Video Bit Rate 50mbit/s Recommended (30-70 Accepted) Mb

  • Video Width 720

  • Video Height 486

  • Video Aspect Ratio 4:3

  • Video Frame Rate 29.97 Recommended

  • Scan Order Type 29.97 Recommended

7. Recent biography to be edited by us (we will decide on relevancy.):

  • List all previous successes including dates and venues.

  • List all artistic accomplishments.

  • Point form

  • 50 copies of physical product only if needed or requested*

*ONLY if you already have printed product. Do not manufacture exclusively for us.*

8. Metadata Info:

You will be emailed a form to fill out for each song. Please do this as soon as possible. Below is a listing of each required field of metadata. Must be filled out in full.

  • Download file name

  • Track Title

  • Composer

  • Artist

  • Label

  • Publisher

  • Genre

  • ISRC

  • Release Year

  • Album Title

  • Track Number

  • Sub-Genre

  • Sub Sub-Genre

  • Duration

  • Lyrics

  • Pricing Tier

  • Supplier

  • Mood

  • Vocals/instrumental

NOTE: All content must be submitted to us as ASAP distributors will take 2-3 weeks before release.